The Swift Family.

The Swift Family

Printhie is owned and operated by the Swift family, consisting of Jim and Ruth and sons Ed and Dave. It was the inspiration of Jim and Ruth in 1996 to enter the wine industry with the planting of 12Ha of grapevines. The most suitable site was selected from the 500Ha property and managed by Jim and Ruth until the return of Ed and Dave in the early-2000s. At this time the vineyard area was expanded to 33Ha and a winery was built for the 2004 vintage changing the dynamic of the business from grape growing to wine production.

These days Ed and Dave manage the day-to-day business operations under the watchful eyes of Jim and Ruth who have now taken up the role of Special Project Managers. A role that involves lots of travel, lots of dining out and lots of benchmarking.

Ed Swift

Prior to making his way back to Printhie Ed practised as an Industrial Engineer in Sydney and Brisbane. Subsequently, he heads up production at Printhie and his love of moving parts is obvious to all those who work at Printhie. Ed’s interest and dedication to the wine industry have seen him hold the position of President of the regional grape growers association as well as being selected for Winemakers Federation of Australia Future Leaders Program. Currently, Ed is a Director of the Winemakers Federation of Australia representing small winemakers.
0404 467 402

Dave Swift

Like elder brother Ed, Dave began a career outside the business working as a graphic designer in Sydney. Having always had a desire to return to a farming background the move back to Orange was a welcome one bringing with him skills that would prove invaluable. Beyond his role as sales manager, Dave is also responsible for the Printhie vineyards. Having grown up the Printhie property, Dave knows the soil and vines intimately and makes it his mission to ensure the vineyard is in top-notch order.
0424 506 422

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