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Printhie Vineyards

Total Area by Variety

Shiraz 12ac
Cab Sav 12ac
Viognier 6.5ac

Great wine is made in great vineyards and great vineyards require thoughtful planning.

From the outset Printhie Wines has worked to produce highly coloured and flavoured fruit, by firstly selecting the warm west facing site, for the Printhie vineyard.

Planting in 1996 represented a diversification from our traditional farming enterprise with an initial 25 acres developed.

Phalaris Vineyard

Total Area by Variety

Shiraz 15ac
Cab Sav 15ac
Merlot 15ac
Pinot Gris 6ac

Planted initially to 30 acres the Phalaris Vineyard was the first stage of our expansion to become a viable wine enterprise.

Following on from the success we had experienced supplying Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon to Margan Family Wines in the Hunter Valley we decided to increase these plantings by adding 15 acres of each. In 2002 we expanded the vineyard again planting 20 acres of Merlot, a variety that is proving highly successful for Printhie and Orange as a region.

With only a small plot undeveloped on this site we then made the decision to plant Pinot Gris, another successful decision with our Pinot Gris gaining rave reviews and Pinot Gris experiencing demand the world over.

Wattleview Vineyard

Located over 1,000 metres on the slopes of Mt Canobolas Wattleview vineyards, owned by David Gartrell, is where we source selected fruit under contract.

As an orchardist and vigneron David is passionate about the quality of the fruit he produces and works with us throughout the year to ensure that the delivered fruit at harvest is ideally suited for our wines. We are extremely happy with the fruit supplied from Wattleview and have a wonderful Chardonnay to show for it.


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