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A Sustainable Future

At Printhie, sustainability is more than a catchphrase or marketing slogan. We are actively pursuing sustainable agricultural and wine production practices. We believe this is an important part of our business and not only to play our part in reducing our contribution to climate change. Having had the Printhie property in the family since the 1970s, we would like to pass it on to the next generation of the Swift family as a financially sound business operating within a healthy, productive and biologically diverse agricultural environment.

Our sustainability program starts even before you get to the vineyard. We are undertaking a native re-vegetation project that will re-establish a natural habitat for native species of flora and fauna free of agricultural activity. This project is also aimed at reducing soil and creek bank erosion along natural water courses through the property.

Once in the vineyard, we are constantly monitoring our viticultural practices to reduce our water and chemical use during the season. We are also reducing our consumption of fossil fuels through better vineyard management techniques and encouraging an increased level of biodiversity within the vineyard environment.

In the winery, the building design has allowed for natural ventilation eliminating the need for power generated climate control and we capture the CO2 produced by fermentation and recycle the inert gas within the wine production process to reduce our reliance on purchased CO2. We compost all of our grape marc along with other raw materials produced on the property (cow manure and straw) to produce our own natural fertiliser that we put back onto the vineyard. We are recycling all packaging such as glass, plastic and paper products so that virtually nothing goes to landfill. Future objectives include better recycling of winery wastewater and offsetting our unavoidable carbon emissions.

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