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January 10th 2012

The shape of 2012

​As Christmas and New Year celebrations fade into the memory, the vines start thinking seriously about ripening their grapes.

During January the vines go through a stage called veraison. During veraison the grapes themselves start changing in colour and texture. White grapes become softer and more translucent, red grapes become dark coloured and soft as they accumulate sugar and degrade acid. Crucially, as the grapes soften and gain ripeness that become more susceptible to adverse weather, splitting with excessive rain or being ruined by mildews and fungi.

There is no denying that the 2011 vintage was a challenging one. The end of the decade long drought resulted in a cool, wet, late ripening season with patches of disease.  Making good wine was possible but it was pretty hard work. Having just classified all our wines, we believe we have been successful in maintaining the Printhie standard – we will even release some reserve wines. Our motto at the start of the season, knowing it was going to be challenging was “in every dog year good wine is made and we want to be the one making good wine”. I think we have succeeded.

To be honest, the 2012 vintage is starting to look much the same as 2011. It’s been a wet, cool spring. Summer is struggling to make its presence felt, although the festive season weather has been promising. Long range weather forecasts are not endless days of summer with constant warmth and sunshine. However, we learnt a lot in 2011 about growing high quality grapes in cool, wet seasons. We are so much better set up in the vineyard to handle to seasonal conditions. There is new machinery, more hours being spent in the vineyard and changes to vine canopy management. As a result, we are confident that even if 2012 is to be the same as 2011, we will produce even better grapes and produce even better wine.

So with a couple of months to go before the harvest starts, we still have a bit of work to do but these are the challenges that mother nature brings us each and every year. Come along for the ride, it should be fun.


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Always a pleasure @jeniport - thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the Orange region, the wines & lollipops lol :)
10:43am on Sun 16 October
My 1st taste of these elegant wines from Orange. Hope to see @PrinthieWines in the UK soon. The name says it all!
5:58am on Fri 18 March
Super-Duper speil - read all about it!…
1:35pm on Wed 3 February
OMG my 1st pick is 4 Feb. Unheralded!…
3:46pm on Tue 26 January
Just cleaned the press in readiness for #V16 but it is still only January. Noooo!!! Surely vintage is still months away #CoolClimate #Orange
4:40pm on Mon 25 January
No rest for the wicked. Great to see you at the pointy end of the racing. All the best for the season.…
4:37pm on Mon 25 January
Check out my 245.2 km ride on Strava. @WinePeloton…'>……'>…
12:39pm on Sun 24 January
Thx to Colin & Roy for joining #epic cycling. Pics are Roy about to launch up the big climb & 3 of us at Lake Lydell
12:31pm on Sun 24 January
@WinePeloton #epic #cycling was from Orange, over the Blue Mountains, to Penrith on the outskirts of Sydney. Why? Life is short
12:26pm on Sun 24 January

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