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May 5th 2014

2014 Vintage Review

The old wine saying that there is no two vintages the same was perfectly illustrated in 2014. In more than 20 years of winemaking I cannot recall a vintage quite like this and that is for many reasons. In short, one of the strangest vintages but it delivered some really lovely wines – all in all we are very…

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April 24th 2014

The Super-Duper Experience

The Super-what I hear you say? The Super-Duper – it is your chance to experience two new wines made in very limited volumes and we think they are pretty... well, super-duper!
Prior to the 2012 vintage we undertook a chardonnay benchmark tasting at the winery and included some of the country’s leading chardonnay producers. We included our MCC…

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January 6th 2014

NEWS: Growing Season Update

Well, it’s the first day back after the Christmas break and the winery is pretty close to being ready for vintage which is great – early preparation for an expected early vintage gives me peace of mind.

So, how is the vineyard looking? A few words can easily sum it up – dry, balanced, healthy – but let…

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December 2nd 2013

NEWS: Frost

Growing grapes and making wine is an agricultural pursuit. We would all like to work in unison with Mother Nature but sometimes she does not make it easy. Winemaking vintages usually reflect Mother Nature’s mood, whether it be drought, inundation or as in the case of this year - frost.

Spring is always a nervous time for grape…

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Lots of stuff to win - accommodation, dinners & wine when you visit #TasteOrangeSydney tonight plus 15% off Printhie
6:10pm on Thu 21 August
Happy people at #TasteOrangeSydney in Martin Place. It's like cellar door in the city & after work pop-up bar
6:05pm on Thu 21 August
#TasteOrangeSydney is till going until 8pm tonight. Come & taste these Printhie & @SwiftSparklings
6:02pm on Thu 21 August
I will be in Park St City between 9.30-10.30 but not heading anywhere near Lane Cove
8:36am on Thu 21 August
@sbwine @rosshillwines @Badgers_Run they weren't kidding when they put spice in the name. Great food but not for the faint hearted.
7:55am on Thu 21 August
I managed to soften my rough trip with meal at Spice Temple with @rosshillwines @Badgers_Run @PrinthieWines - great feed & night
11:34pm on Wed 20 August
#TasteOrangeSydney is your chance to taste great produce from Orange incl Printhie wines 11.30am-2.30pm then 5-8pm
7:50pm on Wed 20 August
#TasteOrangeSydney is winding down for day 1. Don't forget we are here in Martin Place for the next 2 days.
7:47pm on Wed 20 August
@PrinthieWines I can see Basquiat's crown in the background. You guys are uber cool :)
7:36pm on Wed 20 August

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